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PVC, PVDC/PVC Pharmaceutical Packaging Film

▶ PVDC emulsion 100% imported from Europe

▶ Rigorously controlled crystallinity minimizes embrittlement and yellowing

▶ In-line defect detection and offline rejection

▶ Prompt and timely delivery

PVDC/PVC Pharmaceutical Packaging Film is a type of packaging film that is commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry to provide a high barrier to moisture, oxygen, and other gases. This film is made up of a layer of Polyvinylidene Chloride (PVDC) and Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) laminated together to create a robust and durable material.

Advantages of PVC PVDC Blister Packaging:

1. Superior Barrier Properties: PVC PVDC film boasts exceptional barrier properties, effectively protecting pharmaceutical products from external elements such as moisture, oxygen, light, and contaminants. This ensures product integrity, shelf life extension, and preservation of therapeutic efficacy.

2. Enhanced Product Visibility: PVC PVDC blister packaging offers excellent clarity, enabling clear visibility of the packaged pharmaceutical products. This facilitates easy identification, ensuring accurate dosage and minimizing the risk of errors.

3. Tamper-Evident Protection: PVC PVDC film for blister packaging incorporates tamper-evident features, providing an additional layer of protection against unauthorized access. This helps in maintaining product safety, ensuring that consumers receive unadulterated and genuine medications.

4. Customizable Designs: We offer customized blister packaging solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Our PVC PVDC films can be easily formed into various shapes, sizes, and configurations, accommodating a wide range of pharmaceutical products, including tablets, capsules, and more.

5. High Compatibility: PVC PVDC sheet is compatible with a variety of packaging formats and equipment, allowing for efficient integration into existing pharmaceutical packaging processes. This versatility simplifies the transition to pharma PVC PVDC blister packaging, minimizing production disruptions.

Applications of PVC PVDC Blister Packaging:

1. Pharmaceuticals: PVC PVDC blister packaging is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry to package oral solid dosage forms, including tablets, capsules, and lozenges. It ensures product safety, extends shelf life, and enhances patient compliance.

2. Nutraceuticals: PVC PVDC film is suitable for packaging nutraceutical products, such as vitamins, dietary supplements, and herbal remedies. It preserves the potency of these sensitive formulations, safeguarding their efficacy and quality.

3. Over-the-Counter (OTC) Medications: Pharmaceutical PVC PVDC blister packaging is an excellent choice for packaging OTC medications, including pain relievers, antacids, and cold medicines. It offers consumer convenience, product protection, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

4. Medical Devices: PVC PVDC film can also be used to package medical devices, such as syringes, catheters, and wound dressings. PVC PVDC film for pharmaceutical packaging ensures sterile conditions, protection against contamination, and easy identification of the enclosed devices.

PVDC/PVC Pharmaceutical Packaging Film from Hysum is a reliable and cost-effective packaging solution for the pharmaceutical industry, providing excellent barrier properties and flexibility for various product types and packaging configurations.

PVC, PVDC/PVC Pharmaceutical Packaging Film