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Sustainable development is HySum Packaging's "core " that drives business growth and profitability. To achieve sustainable development, HySum creates new growth points with technology patents in a pioneering and enterprising spirit, maintaining its competitive edge in the competitive areas where it leads other competitors; by entering the new energy industry with heavy investment from a high starting point, HySum ensures that it will keep prospering in a business environment of expansion.

Technology innovation
activates sustainable development

As a modern business, HySum has initiated the research & development and production of homogenous materials in response to market development and the call of the state. The BOBST advanced coating equipment is used to avoid barrier degradation caused by material singleness;

The consumption of packaging material is reduced without compromising the original material performance by technical means such as thinning, material replacement, use of recycled materials, to use packaging materials in a recyclable and sustainable fashion.

Open up new business
segments to stimulate diversification

For sustainable development, HySum stays ahead and enters the new energy industry by initiating the R&D and production of lithium batteries. The product quality is compliant with the TS16949 requirements; the real-time inspection with 8k 3D light source guarantees performance comparable to imported DNP and SHOWA products;

The appearance is free of cracks, wrinkles, and pinholes, and no delamination develops during stamping; electrolyte immersion tests suit power batteries; the independently developed dry and hot processes of aluminum-plastic film meet customer-specific requirements.