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As the starting product of HySum, HySum's pharmaceutical packaging material share occupies half of the domestic pharmaceutical packaging market. It covers almost all the inner packaging of medicines; the product quality is excellent, and it is a trusted long-term partner of many domestic and foreign pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Custom Pharmaceutical Packaging Solutions

Sheet film materials: moisture barrier, gas barrier, light barrier, temperature resistance, peelability

Plastic Injection materials:  high-end material coating layer, precision machining, oxygen barrier, moisture barrier, gas barrier, corrosion resistance, extreme temperature resistance

Service objects

Capsules, tablets, pills, powders, granules; oral liquids, injections; medical devices, reagents

Our advantages

Professional consultant, precise service

HySum was the first listing entity of Operating Medicinal aluminum plastic film business.

18 years of technical accumulation and excellent product quality

HySum supplies 87 of China's Top 100 pharmaceutical factories.

International packaging material record number DMF: 16

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