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Composite Film for Medical Device Packaging

▶ Quick and easy access, simple stripping, and hygienic and complete interface stripping prevents paper scraps from causing contamination

▶ Medical dialysis paper is coated with special heat sealant so that vapor sterilization can pass through the coating to ensure thorough sterilization

Composite film for medical device packaging is a specialized pharma packaging material that is designed to provide high-level protection to medical devices. It is made by combining multiple layers of different materials, each chosen for its specific properties, such as strength, barrier properties, and flexibility.

The composite film is typically composed of a combination of polyethylene, polypropylene, nylon, and/or polyester layers. These layers are bonded together through various processes, including lamination, co-extrusion, or adhesive bonding, to create a material with specific properties required for medical device packaging.

The multilayer composite film from HySum is highly effective in protecting medical devices from damage during transport and storage. It provides excellent barrier properties, preventing contamination from external factors, such as air, moisture, and light. The Multilayer Packaging Films also offer exceptional strength and puncture resistance, ensuring that the packaged medical devices remain intact and protected from physical damage.

Composite film for medical device packaging is highly customizable, allowing for specific requirements to be met. It can be designed to provide different levels of barrier protection, such as moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) and oxygen transmission rate (OTR), depending on the specific needs of the medical device being packaged.

Medical device packaging composite film is an essential material that plays a critical role in ensuring the safety and integrity of medical devices during storage and transportation. If you are looking for custom multilayer film packaging from reliable manufacturer, please feel free to contact us!