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High-barrier vial

▶ Special coatings offer ultra-high resistance to water, oxygen and corrosion

▶ Safe and eco-friendly coatings

▶ Compliant with the barrier requirements for pharmaceutical, food and pesticide packaging

High-barrier vials are a type of packaging container that are designed to provide exceptional protection for pharmaceutical products. These vials are typically made of glass or plastic, and are engineered to prevent the penetration of oxygen, moisture, and other gases that can compromise the quality and efficacy of sensitive drugs and medications.

In pharmaceutical packaging, the primary function of high-barrier vials is to maintain the stability and potency of the product throughout its shelf life. This is achieved by creating an airtight seal that prevents the entry of oxygen, which can cause oxidation and degradation of the drug. Additionally, high-barrier vials are designed to prevent the penetration of water vapor, which can lead to moisture damage and potentially compromise the sterility of the product.

High-barrier vials can be customized to meet the specific needs of a given drug or medication. This may involve the use of specialized coatings, liners, or other materials that provide enhanced protection against a particular type of gas or moisture. Additionally, high-barrier vials can be engineered to withstand a wide range of temperature and environmental conditions, ensuring that the product remains stable and safe throughout its distribution and storage.

High-barrier vials are an essential component of pharmaceutical packaging, providing critical protection for sensitive drugs and medications. As a custom pharma packaging supplier, your expertise in providing high-quality, reliable high-barrier vials can help ensure the safety and efficacy of the products you supply.