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Boost & Empower │ HySum Launched its Enterprise Value Stream Seminar

Nov. 03, 2022

"There are only supply chains and no enterprises in the market." "The real competition is not between enterprises, but between supply chains." Supply chain management is playing an increasingly important role in business operations. It is even becoming one of the indispensable means for Fortune 500 enterprises to maintain their competitive advantages.


On September 16, Suzhou HySum Packaging Material Co., Ltd. organized a one-day seminar on enterprise value stream for heads of its divisions of technology, quality, production, purchasing, housekeeping, etc. A management strategy that was in line with the long-term development of HySum was developed with a clear train of thought based on HySum's status and current situation. This seminar is the first collision and discussion of ideas on business process among leaders at and above middle level of all operation departments after the launch of HySum's supply chain program in September.

By resolving the value stream map, the instructor for the seminar guided seminar members to design and analyze HySum's own value stream map, establish the key performance indicator, i.e., "value-added ratio", for the lean production system, and present the operation status and key problem nodes of each department through the process of creating value stream map and value-added ratio based on HySum's business practice.


As an enterprise specializing in pharmaceutical packaging materials, HySum has established its rational and effective supplier management system, which lays a solid foundation for the manufacturing of safe and effective quality pharmaceutical package with consistent quality. Employees actively participated in discussions and presentations and frequently interacted with instructors, carefully studying and thinking about how to apply value stream theory to their daily work throughout the seminar.

The value stream seminar gave the cadres of various business departments of Suzhou HySum an inspiration in lean production, having further enhanced their job skills and offered the knowledge and talent for HySum to build its modern supply chain system.


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